Company description The Company was founded in 1990 and run under the brand names of Orca and SRC for a company and a manufacturer respectively. In the stationery industry, the trademark “Orca” is widely known and accepted in the customer’s and rival’s eyes. Registered as limited companies in Thailand, Orca and SRC are 100% owned by Mr.Sirisak Kitlerdnapa and his family. With experiences gained for more than 30 years from doing business in this industry, now Orca has become one of the leading manufacturers of stationery and office supplies in Thailand.


The company’s mission is to delivery good Quality products along with competitive prices to our customers ranging from wholesalers, retailers, and end users.


Since our company is well known for the number one PP plastic filesand other accessories producers in the local market, we are currentlyachieving the highest sale volume of these kinds of products inThailand. Our second goal is to compete globally by exporting more toEuropean and America’ markets. Now we are improving our quality ofproducts and expanding production capacity in order to meet higherdemand.


We source raw material from outsiders and make products by using extruder and injection machines. Almost of merchandises made from PP, Ps, and Pe plastic are produced and assembled in our factory.


Since our production process is in a form of vertical integration, we guarantee our customers with low prices and high quality products. We are now the number one of PP plastic file and other PP accessories producer in Thailand due to our full range of production line. In addition, we are developing our services that will help increase customer’s satisfaction, which are on-time delivery, full range of stationery items with competitive prices, and trendy designs.


Our company tries to focus on high quality products with competitive prices in order gain as the highest market share as possible. Moreover, we are promoting our brand by placing the advertisements in magazines, setting give away gifts according to deal made with whole sellers and super stores, and exhibiting in national stationery fairs.